why we have in-house system engineers

  • System engineers visiting the site

    We have in-house system engineers who take a hands-on approach.

    Digital management is indispensable for improving the quality of logistics. Nowadays, digital management of inventory using WMS (warehouse management system) is common, but we’ve been working on the system development even before the birth of the term WMS. In 1999, System Development Office was opened in the company. Since then, we’ve been focusing on training system engineers who have special knowledge of logistics.
    They are capable to build a practical system because they visit the site every day to hear the voice of the on-site staff.”Having in-house system engineers.
    ” This is one of the answers we’ve arrived at in order to provide customers with better services.

  • In-house developed WMS

    Every WMS is different
    for each site.

    No customer has exactly the same products, management strategies, or visions as other companies. Therefore, WMS cannot be substituted with exactly the same one. We provide customized WMS for each customer based on the system developed in-house.
    The customization emphasizes not only general theory and usability, but also customers’ business style from on-site work efficiency, receipt/shipment management methods, picking list items, etc., according to their business flow.
    We also flexibly respond to customization necessary for changing business flows and expanding sales channels along with the business growth.
    Since we have in-house system engineers, customization is done in a short time and at low cost.

  • Expansion to multiple shopping malls and centralized inventory control

    Expansion to multiple shopping malls
    and centralized inventory control

    A company among our customers has opened more than 20 e-commerce stores and has achieved great success. Precise centralized inventory management is a bottleneck when opening a store on multiple e-commerce sites. Our system engineers, specializing in warehouse management, are capable to link each e-commerce mall with the inventory management system (e.g. NEXT ENGINE) and the warehouse management system just in time. In addition, it is possible to sell out to the last one without having unnecessary inventory through centralized inventory management on the system for products sold outside of e-commerce. You can further grasp cargo movements in real time to plan and modify your sales strategy promptly.