Why we’re attached to
eliminating shipping errors

  • No shipping errors or inventory difference

    No shipping errors or inventory difference

    Sankyo was established as a subcontractor of Sanyo Electric. As we had a large parent company, we didn’t need to put our effort into sales activities or increase productivity by ourselves.
    However, the situation had changed and the performance of Sanyo Electric deteriorated significantly.
    To make up for the loss, we buckled ourselves just to undertook any job.
    After we worked hard for customers until late at night, we often received relentless requests for price cuts, saying that they found a cheaper warehouse. And we had no choice but to accept that.

    We were desperate to find a way to be selected by customers without reducing the price excessively.

    What value can we provide? What kind of warehousing company is desired? As a result of careful consideration, we finally found our ultimate goal; “Reveal customers’ logistics issues and solve them completely.”, which leads to “Make customers stronger”.
    The course we took never did run smooth.
    There were many colleagues left the company in a series of indescribable difficulties.
    But we also had great members, who seriously think about making customers happy, in the course of pursuing quality logistics without compromising on anything. That’s how we realized to build a custom-made logistics system that meets customers’ needs.

    We’re never satisfied with the quality of logistics.
    We never give up thinking, nor stop moving ahead.

    We always think about “how to improve the quality of logistics and solve customers’ problems” and do our utmost to be a close partner for customers.

  • Activities to eliminate shipping errors

    Shipment errors can be prevented just by slightly increasing the font size.

    Sankyo’s quality logistics is not a result of the introduction of large-scale logistics robots or expensive material handling equipment. Instead, we analyze the font size, design, color, etc. in order to build a mechanism of eliminating human errors.
    Since our founding in 1968, we’ve been steadily improving the quality of logistics by taking a hands-on approach and exercising ingenuity. There were many improvement plans that ended in failure, but we’ve learned by trial and error like every life adapting itself to the natural environment and dramatically evolving over generations.
    We are proud that the quality logistics based on our experience can never be achieved by anyone else.

The quality logistics, satisfying
“High-quality”, “High-speed”, and “Low-cost”.

We believe that eliminating shipping errors and inventory difference is a very important mission for your business strategy.
However, there’s no point in pursuing high quality at the expense of speed and cost.
The quality logistics of Sankyo is to aim to achieve both speedy warehouse management
that meets your needs (such as immediate shipment after arrival) and excellent cost performance
by establishing a system based on human wisdom rather than excessive investment.

"Quality", "Speed", "Cost"